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You and your partner are looking to spice up your sex life a bit. You're interested in introducing some novelty items to your bedroom activities. But both of you are reluctant to visit a retail store. It might be that you live in a small town and don't want everyone knowing your business. Or perhaps you've already visited a sex novelty retailer and found visiting the store a bit embarrassing. Maybe the store was seedy or too explicit – or maybe in a less than savory part of town. Or there simply isn't any store within easy driving distance.
The good news is you can go online now for all your sex novelty needs. The advantages of online shopping are numerous.
First, there's the discretion factor. Those nosey neighbours will never know that you're visiting an adult store or what you're buying there. Not only are you not "seen” but online retailers of adult items will both ship and bill you using a discreet business address – so even your postman won't know what he's delivering. There's no "ick factor” to online shopping because you're shopping from home. There's no driving, and parking to worry about and the online store is open 24/7. And you don't have to worry about salespeople pressuring you to buy items – you can browse at your leisure.
Online retailers, because they aren't limited to the square footage of their retail space, can offer a greater variety of items than a bricks and mortar store. And, because they don't have the usual overhead costs associated with stores, their price points can be lower. You will be free to make comparisons with other online retailers, and read consumer reviews. And, again – it's private.
A few things to watch out for…
As with any online shopping you must ensure that the retailer has a secure transaction system. Beware of international sites, as laws governing online sales differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Familiarize yourself with the merchant's purchasing procedures – they vary from site to site.
And then – log-on, browse, order and enjoy!
What's available online?
The range of items on sale is mind boggling but the great thing about online purchases is that you can browse at your leisure. Online retailers have every product imaginable, from bondage gear, through condoms, lotions, lubes, and vibrators. And there's astonishing variety within each category. Take just one area of adult entertainment – the dildo. Here's a sampling of one retailer's offerings:
  • Glass dildos - great for temperature play and hypoallergenic
  • Steel dildos - can also be heated
  • Silicone rubber dildos - the most common material with the advantage of easy sterilization.
  • Double-ended ones -so that a woman can be penetrated both vaginally and anally, or two partners can share in the experience.
  • Dildos with grips
  • Hands free strap-on dildos – in a variety of colours
  • Shaped dildos - so that they will remain inserted
  • Veined dildos - for that familiar realism
  • Curved ones - for G Spot stimulation and P (prostate) stimulation in men
  • Strap on dildos with vibrators
  • Anal bead shaped dildos
  • Dildos with large bases - suitable for harness play
It's an exciting new world to explore – and you probably would never know that such variety existed if you didn't make the time to explore online, at home, and at your discretion.
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